Natural Dye Project

Natural Dyes Project

There is an increasing interest and need for people to learn about and experience an alternative to today’s disconnected production methods, including more natural and locally-sourced processes. 

Material production moves further away from craft processes and traditional methods, through digital printing, chemical dyes and intensive farming. 

We have lost the connection between agriculture and clothing. This project is meant to reconnect the items we wear to the local land and sustainable practices.


  • To highlight the feasibility of natural dyes in Lancaster and Morecambe.
  • To revitalize and relocate dyes that globalization has divorced from their natural context.

A living collection of natural dyeing

We are graciously hosted at Claver Hill Community Farm. We now have 2 raised beds at the entrance to the farm for our “living collection of natural dyeing”, a high raised bed specifically for Madder, another 3 beds for growing larger quantities of specific plants, and are beginning to add plants to the nature trail.

In the future, we hope to host tours and natural dye workshops on site. Experiencing the full process of harvesting, preparing, dyeing and revealing the work all in place is a magical process that everyone should have the opportunity to experience!