2021 Natural Dye Calendar

Growing and using the natural resources from our locality has given us a wonderful opportunity to develop expertise and knowledge in growing and natural dyeing and, in an active way, find creative solutions to current problems.

We are proud to offer a calendar of the plants we’ve grown or collected locally in our exploration of natural dyes. Enjoy learning about plants and what vibrant and exciting colours they offer – even through the dark winter months!

Calendars include phases of the moon; bank holidays for the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England; and solstice and equinox markers.

Order a calendar

Preorder: £5 each - until 20th November

A limited number will be available for £7 after presale ends

Shipping or local collection is available
  • This calendar was created by members of Natural Dye Project team, a project of Sewing Cafe Lancaster.
  • Photography by: Gina Frausin, Katrina Barnish and Enda O’Regan
  • Text by: Katrina Barnish, Victoria Frausin and Kiki Callihan
  • Designed by: Kiki Callihan
  • Printed locally using FSC paper and vegetable based inks (you bet we’ll be testing the compostability once we receive ours!)

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